8 March 2015
Media Release - #2015021, 2015

Andrews Government bad decisions costing small business

Tomorrow marks one hundred days of the Dan Andrews Labor Government.

For the hard working small business women and men of Victoria this is no day for celebration.

As Minister for Small Business, I am committed to ensuring Australia becomes the best place to build and grow a small business. With this at the forefront of my mind, it is incredibly upsetting to hear of economic vandalism being undertaken each of these days by the Andrew's Government.

Just one example of this irresponsibility is the decision to add two extra public holidays to our calendar. The Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry have estimated the cost to our economy of Dan Andrews grab for popularity as up to $650 million.

We try to attract visitors to our state, yet when they get to Victoria on Easter Sunday or for the AFL Grand Final, they won’t be able to eat at our restaurants, buy food or shop at local traders.

I have been contacted by many small businesses owners who are devastated with the dollar cost these public holidays will have on their businesses. The cost in wages means hard working women and men of small business must now assess their ability to employ staff and provide their goods and services within their community.

These businesses have told me they cannot afford to open on two extra public holidays and will close their doors. This stymies work opportunities and harms employees. This hurts consumers. This hurts our economy.

The economic damage caused by a $650 million wages and lost productivity bill is a cost that Victorians should not be burdened with to win political points for the Premier Andrews.

Small Businesses are the engine room of our economy, and they should be supported rather than slapped down for having a go.

With the introduction of these two new public holidays, Premier Andrews shows that his government is no friend to the hard working women and men of small business across Victoria.