10 March 2015
Media Release - #2015025, 2015

Darwin first for petrol deep dive

The Hon. Natasha Griggs
Member for Solomon

In December 2014, the Government gave a direction to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to expand its level of fuel monitoring to undertake “deep dives” into specific geographic markets, specific products or other issues of concern.

We welcome today’s announcement that Darwin will be the first regional location studied under these new petrol monitoring arrangements.

Petrol prices in Darwin are amongst the highest in the whole of Australia. We have listened to the significant and legitimate concerns of the people and businesses of Darwin around fuel pricing. These issues include concerns around pricing and margins, of supply impacts, and of the state of competition in the markets and mysteries of fuel pricing.

We are working with the ACCC to ensure top end communities can enjoy healthy markets that function to the benefit of motorists, and in turn to the benefits of the local economy.