24 June 2014
Media Release - #2014036, 2014

New online tool makes it easier for small businesses to find dispute resolution services

Small businesses in a dispute are set to benefit from the launch today of Dispute Support, a new online dispute resolution information and referral tool.

There are a lot of dispute resolution services available to help resolve business disputes without going to court.

However, small businesses have told us it can be difficult to find alternative dispute resolution services and to work out which one is most suited to their needs.

We want to save small businesses time and money, and to help them to quickly and easily find the information they need to resolve their business dispute.

Dispute Support is a simple to use online tool to help small businesses to identify the most appropriate low cost dispute resolution service for their dispute.

The ability to effectively manage a dispute is an essential skill for good business management.

Dispute Support also provides information on understanding and managing disputes and tips to help avoid disputes in the future.

Dispute Support was developed by the Australian Small Business Commissioner in conjunction with representatives from state and territory governments, including the state Small Business Commissioners.

This initiative is a step toward transforming the Commissioner into the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman with real power and a concierge function for dispute resolution.

Dispute Support is available on the Australian Small Business Commissioner’s website.