3 June 2015
Media Release - #2015047, 2015

Statement on Bill Shorten’s actions in the House

Today’s stunt by Bill Shorten and the ALP in the Parliament was another example of Labor playing politics.

Bill Shorten moved to guillotine debate and discussion on key aspects of the Government’s growing jobs and small business package before it had barely begun.

Rather than allow small business and family enterprise a much deserved day of debate of their ambitions and Government can best help their enterprise, Labor sought to stifle debate.

It was another pointless piece of politics by Labor, aimed purely at denying small business the opportunity to be the focus of parliament today.

The Senate will not reconvene any earlier if the Government’s bills were passed this morning or later today. The Senate is not in session.

Gagging debate as Bill Shorten tried to execute today would have simply denied the hard working women and men of small business their Parliamentary day in the sun.

Or was today’s action by Bill Shorten really Labor’s effort to mask its pitiful record and appalling disinterest in small business?

It has been 559 days since Labor have asked me a question in the House - hundreds of questions of Labor to the Government, but not one on small business in over a year and a half.

No wonder they don’t want to talk about small business – they can’t defend their record of 519,000 jobs lost under Labor, six small business Ministers in six years and a reduction in the number of small businesses employing people under Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Governments.