Debate with Mark Dreyfus and Rafael Epstein, ABC 774 Fight Club

27 November 2013

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: And joining me in the studio is Mark Dreyfus, he is the Shadow Attorney-General and the member for the seat of Isaacs. Mark welcome. MARK DREYFUS: Hello Raf, good to be with you. RAFAEL EPSTEIN: And joining me from Frankston from his electorate, I think from Frankston, yes Bruce Billson the Minister for […]

Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB

19 November 2013

ALAN JONES: But Woolworths and Coles have seen the writing on the wall and they’ve grabbed the Australian Food and Grocery Council hook, line and sinker. We supposedly have a new code of conduct. They are kidding me. Woolworths and Coles, it’s a contradiction in terms. Good conduct doesn’t fit with Woolworths and Coles. The […]

Interview with Tom Elliot, 3AW

18 November 2013

TOM ELLIOT: The market share of the two big supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths has gone from around 60 per cent to between 80 and 85 per cent depending on whose statistics you believe. Now this has just occurred bit by bit by bit. It wasn't just some massive takeover that led to this dominance. Of […]

Interview with Jon Faine, ABC 774 Melbourne

18 November 2013

JON FAINE: Today the Abbot Federal Government announced a new arrangement, a voluntary code of conduct with Australia's supermarket giants. Coles, Woolworths and the Australian Food and Grocery Council will comply with a new code of conduct which has been brokered by the Minister for Small Business. Bruce Billson is the member for Dunkley in […]

Interview with Brooke Corte, Sky News Business

18 November 2013

BROOKE CORTE: We are now joined by the Small Business Minister Bruce Billson who has been putting a hard word on the retailers. Thank you so much for joining us Minister, appreciate your time there from Canberra. Um just broadly explain to us how this code of conduct does advance the interests of small business. […]

Interview with Laura Jays, Sky News

18 November 2013

LAURA JAYS: Woolworths and Coles will be announcing a new code of conduct that is a self-imposed code of conduct and one that will be overseen by the ACCC. Joining me here in the studio this morning is Small Business Minister Bruce Billson. Minister thanks so much for your time, first of all this is […]

Interview with Marius Benson, ABC News Radio

18 November 2013

RADIO HOST: Manufacturers supplying Coles and Woolworths have signed a new agreement to force an end to what suppliers say are harsh bargaining practices by the giant chains. The agreement, signed at the weekend, gives the competition watchdog stronger powers to oversee bargaining processes. The Small Business Minister, Bruce Billson, says the new agreement is […]

Doorstop, Parliament House, Canberra

18 November 2013

BRUCE BILLSON: You would have heard today that Woolworths, Coles and the Australian Food and Grocery Council have collaboratively developed a supermarket industry code. This is a historic step, a very significant step. We're back on track now to see an important part of our economy establish mutually respectful collaborative relationships that are good for […]

Doorstop interview, NSW Business Chamber – Access to Finance, Sydney

6 November 2013

JOURNALIST: I was interested in what you had to say about the role of APRA in helping a small business access finance. Can you elaborate on that? What do you see as the road blocks APRA is putting in the way of small business? BRUCE BILLSON: APRA has got a very important role in making […]

Interview with John Stanley, 2UE

2 November 2013

JOHN STANLEY: Bruce Billson, good morning. BRUCE BILLSON: Good morning to you John and your listeners. STANLEY: We’ve heard a lot of talk; we’ve heard a lot of discussion about trying to break the power of the big supermarkets, to investigate particularly their role with their suppliers, why are we going to get more done […]

Interview with Brian Carlton, 2UE Drive

1 November 2013

Brian Carlton: There is a fair bit going on as I am sure you are aware in the retail sector. Allegations that there are too many of us shopping online and the big retailers are even complaining about that. Then there's the sad decline in what you might call the small local business. On the […]

Interview with Steve Mills, 6PR Breakfast

31 October 2013

STEVE MILLS: In November we are being encouraged to go small, go to a small business for change. I like this initiative Bruce Billson is the Federal Small Business Minister, he probably knows as many know that small business is really the backbone of the economy keeping many families employed. Bruce good morning to you. […]

Doorstop interview, Melbourne

31 October 2013

PRIME MINISTER: It’s good to be here at Croydon shops. It’s good to be at Ronald King. Ronald King is a local business that’s been operating for almost 50 years. It’s a third generation local business and we want to see more businesses like this. We want to see these businesses flourish and we want […]

Interview with Ross and John, 3AW Breakfast

31 October 2013

ROSS: Bruce Billson is the Federal Small Business Minister because Australian’s think small businesses play an important part in their community but forget to actually use them. Shop Small is the campaign. Minister good morning to you. BRUCE BILLSON: Good morning to you Ross. Well done you’ve started well on your Shop Small campaign. Listening […]

Remarks at the launch of St George Small Business Hub Sydney

11 October 2013

BRUCE BILLSON: It's a great pleasure to be here and I'd like to acknowledge all of you and particularly our local Chambers of Commerce representatives that are doing so much to provide that collaborate support for those courageous men and women that mortgage their house and often their first born, to be granted that opportunity […]

Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News – AM Agenda

26 September 2013

KIERAN GILBERT: First with me the new cabinet Minister and Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson. This is the first time I have seen you since swearing in. Congratulations. BRUCE BILLSON: Thank you. Thank you. GILBERT: On the carbon tax issue the Labor Party and its members argue they’ve got a mandate, as well Bruce […]

Interview with Paul Murray, 2UE

23 September 2013

PAUL MURRAY: I love a country where the harder you work the better your life gets. Not the more tax you pay, not the more thumps you get around the head, not the harder life becomes. But I was fascinated and so pleased to read today in the Financial Review that the new Federal Government, […]