Interview with Chris Coleman, ABC Mornings, Riverina

17 December 2014

CHRIS COLEMAN: From today the ACCC will have increased powers, both to monitor and to investigate fuel prices, but does this mean you as a motorist might be able to help bring prices down for yourself and for everyone? Let’s find out with Bruce Billson, the Federal Minister for Small Business, Competition and Consumer Affairs. […]

Interview with Leon Compton, ABC State-wide Mornings, Hobart

17 December 2014

LEON COMPTON: We’ve been talking a fair bit about petrol prices on Mornings over the last few months as the price of petrol, well the price of a barrel of oil has halved globally and slowly the petrol price in Tasmania has come down, particularly in the last couple of months.  It has come down […]

Interview with Amy Bainbridge, Early AM, ABC

17 December 2014

AMY BAINBRIDGE: Petrol prices are plunging but there are still huge variations in what you pay depending on where you live. But moves are afoot to make the market more transparent. Bruce Billson is the minister responsible for competition and consumer affairs. He's given the ACCC greater powers to produce its fuel price monitoring report […]

Interview with Brett McLeod, 3AW Drive, Melbourne

12 December 2014

BRETT MCLEOD: One of the successes of the Government this year, one of the runaway successes, has been various Free Trade Agreements or freer trade agreements is probably a better way of putting it, but they will certainly reduce the cost of imports and increase the export market for small businesses and our farmers and […]

Interview with Steve Price, Nights, 2GB

9 December 2014

STEVE PRICE: On the line to discuss the GP co-payment among other things is the Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson. Nice to talk to you again Minister. MINISTER BILLSON: Good to be with you and your listeners Steve. STEVE PRICE: How do you reckon the small business is travelling before we get onto this stuff […]

Interview with Peter Van Onselen, Australian Agenda, Sky News

7 December 2014

PETER VAN ONSELEN: I am joined live in the studio here now by Bruce Billson, the Small Business Minister, thanks for your company. MINISTER BILLSON: Morning. PETER VAN ONSELEN: Why is the Prime Minister breaking his promise on the Paid Parental Leave scheme? MINISTER BILLSON: We have got a Paid Parental Leave scheme that is […]

Doorstop interview, Parliament House, Canberra

25 November 2014

MINISTER BILLSON: Morning everybody. We see on the front page of the Herald Sun today the likely cost of cancelling the East West Link construction contract in Victoria would be in excess of one billion dollars if Labor proceeds with its plan to abolish this crucial project. That is just the direct costs of abandoning […]

Interview with David Speers, PM Agenda, Sky News

19 November 2014

DAVID SPEERS: We are ten days out from the Victorian State Election. It is neck and neck - Daniel Andrews, Denis Napthine will be on stage here tonight taking questions from undecided voters chosen by Galaxy Research.  This part of Melbourne we are in is in the Federal seat held by the Small Business Minister, […]

Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB Breakfast Show, Sydney

18 November 2014

ALAN JONES: Bruce Billson is on the line, the Small Business Minister.  Minister, good morning.   MINISTER BILLSON: Good morning to you Alan, and your listeners. ALAN JONES: So… MINISTER BILLSON: A busy day, a slightly tense day I might suggest Alan. ALAN JONES: But you didn’t get anywhere. MINISTER BILLSON: Oh no, we did well.  […]

Interview with Leon Byner, FIVEaa Adelaide

14 November 2014

LEON BYNER: Federal Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson. Bruce, thanks for joining us today. MINISTER BILLSON: Good morning to you Leon and your listeners on this hot day in Adelaide. LEON BYNER: Absolutely. Can you give us an idea of some of the treatment of franchisees that forced you into a position to get […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB Money News, Sydney

13 November 2014

ROSS GREENWOOD: Bruce Billson is the Small Business Minister responsible for all of this and of course as we have told you before Bruce is actually in Cabinet, which is one of the very first times that a Small Business Minister has been on the inner sanctum of our decision making in Australia. Bruce, we […]

Interview with Leon Compton, ABC Statewide Mornings, Hobart

12 November 2014

LEON COMPTON: At St Helens there has been a business breakfast there, where small business people have been catching up with the Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson, to talk to him about issues on the east coast, about opportunities.  It’s a time when we’ve been talking a bit about small business, so many public […]

Interview with Rafael Epstein and Mark Dreyfus QC, ABC 774 Fight Club

29 October 2014

PRESENTER: There’s a lot going on around the fuel price, the reintroduction of indexation, and I want to get to that in a moment. But I want to do a bit of National Security Legislation first. The ABC broke the news today that the man who is the catalyst for those counter terrorism raids in […]

Interview with Justin Smith, 2UE Drive

29 October 2014

JUSTIN SMITH: And to another part of the Government, they promised to repeal the carbon tax; they did just that but now they're going after the airlines for not passing on the carbon tax savings. Qantas and Virgin Australia and Regional Express are in the guns with the Government for not doing this. The ACCC […]

Interview with Chris Ilsley, 6PR Perth Tonight

23 September 2014

CHRIS ILSLEY: On the phone we have the Federal Minister for Small Business and Consumer Affairs Bruce Billson. The Minister has given the ACCC more powers, it says, to weed out fuel rorts, scams and discrepancies. According to the ACCC Chairman Rod Sims more consumer friendly reports would shine a “bloody great spotlight on suspected […]

Interview with Brett McLeod, 3AW Drive

22 September 2014

BRETT MCLEOD: Right now I want to talk about petrol prices. It’s school holidays and traditionally that’s when we see a nice hefty spike in petrol prices but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is being given extra powers, extra reporting powers from the Government which hopefully will make us as a consumer, a […]

Doorstop interview, Geelong

24 July 2014

MINISTER BILLSON: Well it's great to be here with my friend, the very energetic and highly respected Member for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson. Sarah is here showing me one of the local small business success stories, Harvey's of Highton, a great fresh produce provider and retailer that is very responsive and involved in the local community. […]

Interview with Mark Braybook, 4BC Brisbane

3 July 2014

HOST: Shop Small is a grant program that’s open to all Australian small businesses. There are 120 grants of $5,000 being made, that’s about $600,000 worth thanks to American Express and the Federal Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson is on the line. Minister good afternoon. MINISTER BILLSON: Good afternoon to you Mark and to […]

Interview with Rob Broadfield and Kent Roberts, 6PR Breakfast

3 July 2014

HOST: When you see what is happening here, a lot of Western Australians do have a dip don’t they? MINISTER BILLSON: Well that is what we are trying to encourage because we are about two key things. Yes we are a fair go country and that’s really part of who we are. But we also […]

Interview with Harry Frost, Sky News Business

20 June 2014

HARRY FROST: Minister thank you for speaking with us today. Now some of the tax changes that you have announced today, is there a risk that they could be used rather than for changing competition but for using special interest pleading rather than promoting competition? MINISTER BILLSON:   The tax changes today were about helping […]

Interview with Stuart Bocking, 2UE

20 June 2014

STUART BOCKING: This morning we are joined by Bruce Billson, the Minister for Small Business who is at the G20 in Melbourne. Thanks for joining us this morning Bruce, what’s going on down there today? MINISTER BILLSON: Good morning to you and your listeners. Today More guidance on starting and growing a business, engaging with […]

Interview with Chris Smith, 2GB

20 June 2014

CHRIS SMITH: What happens when you see an airline ticket for $90. Do you think you would get the same demand for the ticket when you have advertised it for $59? Of course you won’t. I thought we would clear up this little bit and what the Minister can do and what the authorities can […]

Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB

19 June 2014

ALAN JONES: Barry O’Farrell rightly wanted to ban discounts which offered more than 50 per cent off alcohol purchases at Coles and Woolworths. But it didn’t happen. Nathan Rees said at the time, the former Premier, that there was no question the alcohol lobby and supermarket lobby exerted undue influence in this area of public […]

Interview with Raphael Epstein, ABC 774, Melbourne

16 June 2014

RAPHAEL EPSTEIN: Bruce Billson, Federal Minister for Small Business is on the line and coincidently, he is the Federal Member for Frankston. Now Frankston has been in the news but not the Federal Parliament. Bruce is currently in Cairns participating in small business forums. Bruce Billson thanks for joining us. MINISTER BILLSON: You’re welcome Raf. […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, Sunday Business

15 June 2014

ROSS GREENWOOD: Firstly, let’s go to something that I think is absolutely vital if you are running a business or considering running a business into the future. As you may be aware, for many years we have campaigned and spoken to affected and aggrieved parties if you like, in the franchise industry. I have always […]

Doorstop Interview – Australia & PNG Industry & Mining Resources Exhibition, Cairns

12 June 2014

JOURNALIST: What’s your visit for? What are you hoping to do? MINISTER BILLSON: Well I am excited to be in Cairns, meeting with a lot of small businesses here at the Mining and Agricultural Exhibition and hearing what they are seeing first hand as field evidence. I will be talking with some school kids later […]

Doorstop interview, Parliament House, Canberra

29 May 2014

MINISTER BILLSON: Good morning. What’s very clear is that only the Abbott Coalition Government actually has a plan to fix the budget, to deal with debt and deficit that Labor has left our nation and this parliament. We’ve seen this again reinforced yesterday where the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was talking out both sides of […]

Interview with Laura Jayes, Sky News Lunchtime Agenda

27 May 2014

LAURA JAYES: The Coalition met this earlier morning and there was no criticism from any backbenchers of any particular budget measure. Joining me now is the Small Business Minister, Bruce Billson. Now it would be somewhat surprising to some, given all the debate around this budget, that no one inside the Coalition party room stood […]

Doorstop interview at the Bundaberg Business Expo

23 May 2014

JOURNALIST: So what is happening here today? KEITH PITT: Today is the Bundaberg Small Business Expo which is just fantastic news for the local community and is an opportunity for people to demonstrate their commitment to the local economy and local business. The main message that we want to get out there today is that […]

Interview with Peter Switzer, Sky News Business

23 May 2014

PETER SWITZER: So if the current Government was a small business trying to flog its latest product called the Budget, they would go out of business. So what can the small business Minister Bruce Billson add to the marketing pitch, because we know the other two guys do need a little bit of help at […]

Interview with Peter Van Onselen, Sky News

22 May 2014

PETER VAN ONSELEN: Well he is the Small Business Minister which is not an insignificant aspect of Liberal interests. He's a member of the Cabinet and he is here to talk with me now, live out of Melbourne. Bruce Billson, thanks very much for your company. MINISTER BILLSON: Good to be with you Peter and […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB Money News

18 May 2014

ROSS GREENWOOD: Welcome back to the program. This week the Federal Budget of course was clearly the absolute show case in terms of news that has come out that’s affecting business. Now clearly, some high income earners, those on $180,000 plus are going to be hit with an extra tax – that so called debt […]

Interview with Brooke Corte, Sky News Business

15 May 2014

BROOKE CORTE: The budget announced a new Ombudsman for the sector as well as new assistance programs, although others have been scrapped. The Small Business Minister Bruce Billson joins us now to talk a bit more about what this Budget could mean for your business. Thank you so much for your time this afternoon. BRUCE […]

Interview with Moira Major, Hot Tomato FM

15 May 2014

MOIRA MAJOR: Thanks for joining us today Bruce. So let’s talk about the budget – what does it mean for small businesses on the Gold Coast? BRUCE BILLSON: Well it’s one of the area’s where we’ve had to reprioritise expenditure, as you know, and I’m sure your listeners will appreciate when you are starting to […]

Interview with Moira Major, Hot Tomato Drive

30 April 2014

MOIRA MAJOR: Bruce, you are in town heading to the Mudgeeraba Chamber of Commerce Meeting tonight. What are you expecting? MINISTER BILLSON: Well we are encouraged by the high number of people who have come along tonight. I’m not sure it’s for the fine food available at the venue, the Woodchoppers Inn Restaurant, or whether […]

Interview with Tim Holt, ABC South Coast

29 April 2014

TIM HOLT: The Federal Minister for Small Billson joins us this morning. He’s been in Batemans Bay overnight meeting with small business about the issues inflating small business and the challenges and also, I guess, talking about that inquiry the Federal Government is holding into Competition. Bruce Billson joins us, good morning. MINISTER BILLSON: Tim, […]

Interview with Ben Davis, 4BC Drive

9 April 2014

BEN DAVIS: First we have Bruce Billson, the Minister for Small Business. He is over in China as part of Australia’s trade delegation but he has also opened Australia Week in China. Minister, good afternoon. BRUCE BILLSON: Ben, good afternoon to you and your listeners. BEN DAVIS: Tell me, Australia Week, what’s it all about […]

Interview with Tom Elliott, 3AW Drive

8 April 2014

TOM ELLIOTT: We've got the Free Trade Agreement the Federal Government has just signed with Japan and South Korea in the past 24 hours. Is China next? Bruce Billson is the Federal Minister for Small Business and he is in China as we speak. Mr Billson good evening. So what have you been doing over […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB Money News

2 April 2014

ROSS GREENWOOD: Just a little while ago we had the Minister for Small Business Mr Bruce Billson on the program to have a chat about a few bits and pieces but I thought it worthwhile to get him back on because there’d been a few changes taken place including today something that we think on […]

Interview with Laura Jayes on Sky News, Lunch Agenda

2 April 2014

LAURA JAYES: But first for immediate reaction, I spoke to Victorian MP Bruce Billson who is also the Small Business Minister. This is what he had to say about these twin announcements today. BRUCE BILLSON: Well it’s hugely confronting and challenging news for the staff that are directly affected by these decisions. I’m encouraged that […]

Interview with Brooke Corte and Carson Scott, Trading Day, Sky News Business

28 March 2014

BROOKE CORTE: The Federal Government has named the members of its competition review panel, just this morning, saying the inquiry will be the most comprehensive review of competition policy in Australia in more than two decades. CARSON SCOTT: Small Business Minister Bruce Billson announcing Deloitte Access Economics partner Professor Ian Harper will chair the panel. […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB Money News

27 March 2014

ROSS GREENWOOD: We were told we were going to get better parliamentary standards, particularly around question time but today was not the best example of what was hoped for. BRUCE BILLSON: It was an ugly day – no question about it and it seemed as though Labor went into question time today with the specific […]

Interview with Ben Davis, Drive, Radio 4BC Brisbane

27 March 2014

BEN DAVIS: Minister good afternoon. A review of competition law, will this give the ACCC more power? BRUCE BILLSON: Well g’day to you Ben and to your listeners. The real key thing that this review is seeking to ensure is that the ACCC has the tools and the teeth to do its job in the […]

Competition Review Panel Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra

27 March 2014

Good morning.  Thanks, everyone, for coming along.  Today is an important day.  I am very pleased to be able to announce the expert panel appointed by the Government to run our 'root and branch' review of competition policy. As the Prime Minister and I indicated late last year, a key election commitment of the Abbott […]

Doorstop, Parliament House, Canberra

19 March 2014

MINISTER BILLSON: Today is a very positive day for Australian small businesses and family enterprises. This significant contribution to our election commitment to take $1 billion of red tape out of the economy means a great deal to Australian small businesses. Small businesses are overwhelmingly time poor – they've got many things on their mind […]

Interview with Sally Warhaft, Fight Club, ABC Melbourne

19 March 2014

SALLY WARHAFT: Welcome to fight club. This afternoon we have Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus and the Member for Isaacs along with Bruce Billson, Minister for Small Business and the Member for Dunkley. Bruce I will start with you first. Arthur Sinodinos after a couple of days of pretty intense pressure has stood down after […]

Interview with Waleed Aly, ABC RN Drive

18 March 2014

Waleed Aly: This day a year ago the Reserve Bank announced reforms to stamp out unreasonable credit card surcharges. You know what I'm talking about – when you book a flight or something or book into a hotel and you get this surcharge that just seems pretty much to be a made up figure. Well […]

Interview with Paul Murray, Sky News

12 March 2014

PAUL MURRAY: Bruce. G’day. Welcome. BRUCE BILLSON: Good to see you. Thank you for having me. PAUL MURRAY: Nice to see you. Equally talented, future Governor Generals, cabinet ministers, them all. Miranda Devine from 2GB in Sydney and also the Daily Telegraph. How are you? Troy Bramston hitting it out of the park as always […]

Interview with Peter Switzer, Sky Business

4 March 2014

PETER SWITZER: Well the big promises of the Abbott Government were to rid business of red and green tape and there is a big day ahead when Parliament will address unreasonable regulations. To explain it all we have Bruce Billson, Minister for Small Business in the Abbott Government. I’m excited, you know being a small […]

Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB

26 February 2014

ALAN JONES: Last week I spoke to the Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson about Woolworths and Coles shopper dockets. They’re now in the Federal Court. I said to Bruce Billson, well they reckon they won’t be offering petrol discounts above 4 cents a litre unless the cost of that is taken from the petrol […]

Interview with Brooke Corte, Sky Business News

25 February 2014

PRESENTER: The funding of small and medium enterprises is a concern expressed by many top bankers and central bank officials at the G20 in recent days held in Sydney. After the GFC a range of new rules forced banks to become more cautious in how they lend to businesses but many small businesses feel they […]

Interview with Sky News Business, G20, Sydney

20 February 2014

PRESENTER: In recent times we’ve had Toyota, we’ve had SPC of course getting its handout rejected. We’ve had Holden leaving our shores – all the recent focus has been on manufacturing. Big question in amongst that is where small business has been? Has it basically been neglected from the conversation? MINISTER BILLSONS: Well we’ve seen […]

Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB

20 February 2014

ALAN JONES: I spoke earlier this week to Nic Moulis, the Chief Executive of the Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association about what I regard as a farcical cave in by the ACCC to accept voluntary undertakings by Coles and Woolworths to cease making fuel saving offers, that is ‘shopper docket discounts’, that were wholly […]

Interview with CNBC, G20, Sydney

20 February 2014

MINISTER BILLSON: The G20 will take forward the outstanding message of our Treasurer Joe Hockey that there really is a need for practical action. We’ve come out of the GFC phase – it was all about risk management, harm minimisation but now we need to look at the finance systems - the oxygen for enterprise. […]

Doorstop, Parliament House, Canberra

12 February 2014

MINISTER BILLSON: The Government continues to work to implement its program and its election commitments that are designed to make a stronger economy, offering more job opportunities and a brighter future for Australians. We’d like to see Labor actually get behind that effort and that enterprise. You’ve seen the community support, the abolition of the […]

Interview with Julie Doyle, ABC News 24

11 February 2014

PRESENTER: Well Toyota is big business but its closure threatens to hit many in the industry, right down to the smallest suppliers. Assessing the general fall out, Small Business Minister Bruce Billson, has been speaking to Political Reporter, Julie Doyle JULIE DOYLE: Bruce Billson the Opposition has come out very strong over this issue of […]

Doorstop, Parliament House, Canberra

11 February 2014

MINISTER BILLSON: Toyota’s decision is certainly shattering news for the many workers at Toyota assembly operations, but it’s also a really challenging time for the many suppliers, component manufactures, their workforce and manufacturing more generally. These pressures that led to the Toyota decision haven’t arisen over night, they’ve been many years in the making and […]

Interview with Luke Grant, 2GB

8 January 2014

LUKE GRANT: I mentioned this story in the Australian. High wages and rising costs are preventing Australians from getting new road and rail projects that could lift the economy, this according to business leaders. They went on to quote Mary Thompson, Managing Director of McCleod Rail who blamed government rules for shackling employers and creating […]